Wiener (2016)

Dan Feltman (15) is the son of a hot dog vendor. In his spare time, he makes music. He is about to break through with his band Pinball Circus, but then it all goes wrong... During a promotion stunt for his father’s business, Dan gets stuck in a hot dog suit. Easily solved, you’d think. But then you don’t know his father. His dad tries to profit from the incident, while Dan makes a total fool of himself. Is this the end of his dream of hitting it big in the music world? Or will all the attention actually work in his favor?


Kijk mama, ik word rijk! (2008)

“Look mom, I’m getting rich!” tells the light-hearted story of Pieter-Jan looking for ways to earn money without necessarily having to work hard. Because making money should also be fun. No bosses, no traffic jams, no worries. Slowly, it becomes clear that making money, and entrepreneurship in general, is nothing more than realizing your own dreams. No expensive words; just doing.